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~*~*~People with LOVE and RESPECT for TONY, and ME

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(no subject) [Jun. 13th, 2006|07:20 am]
~*~*~People with LOVE and RESPECT for TONY, and ME

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Ok...well, I said I would post the stories of Tony on here. I have more saved to my computer, Here is part one!

title: I haven't came up with one yet
rating: pg/pg13
Disclaimer: I own Mest and Good Charlotte....cd's. I own no one (sadly). This is all the writings of an extremley messed up girl. *I'm sorry I couldn't include Billy. He's in...Tajiti or however you spell it. It's his favorite vacation spot....*
summary: Benji and Joel have some friends visiting. 
pairings: Tony/OFC Benji/Matt
author: monkey_drummer7 *Megan*
I hope you like it....

"Hey Asia! Hurry up! Benji has some friends he wants us to meet!" my brother, Paul Thompson bassist in Good Charlotte, yelled to me. Any chance I had to see Benji I would jump on. He was the hottest guy I had ever EVER met. Plus, he's bisexual. Any guy who will kiss another guy is just hotter.

"Coming!" I yelled back down as I sprinted down the stairs,"ready." I slid on my Nine Inch Nails hoodie and walked quickly to the blue mustang Paul was waiting in.

"Hey, Asia. Come here." Benji motioned me over and wrapped his arm around me,"This is Mr. and Mrs. Tony and Matt Lovato." He guestured to two guys infront of us,"No, they're brothers."

"Hey. What's up?" Matt asked as we shook hands. I shrugged.

"Tony how old are you?" Benji suddenly asked as I shook Tony's hand and his twin brother, Joel Madden, joined us.

"Twenty-two. Why?" Benji shrugged as he stared at me with chocolate brown eyes.

"Asia, how old are you?" Benji continued staring.

"Twenty-one." I replied skeptically,"you know that. You two insisted on beer at my birthday."

"Oh yeah. Stand next to each other." I stood next to Tony as we eyed Benji as though he were an insane axe-murderer,"You know something Matt? Those two would look really good if they went out..."

"You know Benji...for the first time in your life I think you might be right." Matt put his arm around Benji's shoulders as they stared at us. My cheeks turned a light red color. I glanced at Tony and noticed his cheeks were brighter red than mine,"Aww...look they're both blushing!" Matt and Benji giggled furiously. God I could hate Benji sometimes. Actually I never could hate him. I could be very upset with him, but not hate. He was too cute to hate.

"Benji? Right? You're out of your mind!" Paul exclaimed as he laughed with them,"They do look adorable together." I slapped Paul, which caused the others to laugh and Tony to smirk.

"You guys know I have a girlfriend...even if she is being retarded right now..."Tony sighed. My heart dropped, but I was determined not to show it. That was the last thing I needed the guys to think.

"Hey, Asia? You and Paul want to go with us? We're taking these two on a tour since they're staying with us. Come on. It'll be fun!" Joel insisted as he pushed us all to the door and into his black rove ranger. Benji drove with Paul in the middle and Joel in shotgun. Tony sat in the middle of the back seat. Matt was on his left, and me on his right. I stared out the window,"Hey Asia! What's that one place called? You know, the one that keeps all the fish in the tanks?"

"Aquarium?" I replied dully.

"YES! That's it! I wanna take Matt there and show him the cute fishies!" Matt kicked the back of Benji's seat,"That wasn't very nice."

"Oh well. So Asia...do you play an insturment?" Matt asked as he looked over at me. Tony looked too.

"guitar and Paul's teaching me bass. I know a little drums too." they looked impressed. It was true that Paul was trying to teach me bass, but he wasn't a very good teacher. Or maybe I wasn't a good student...


"She can also sing really REALLY well." Joel informed us, which caused me to kick his seat just as Matt had.

"Really? Can we hear?" Tony asked looking at me with deep eyes.

"I...uh...Joel I hate you." I replied as I began singing. As the song ended I stared out the window and felt heat rise to my cheeks.

"WOW! You're really good! Amazing!" Tony exclaimed as he casually put his arms around the seat. More heat rising. Benji smiled as we pulled into the aquarium and parked.

"I told you so! Benj, why do you want to take Matt to the aquarium?" Joel asked as he slid out of the car.

"So they can fuck under water." Paul replied as Joel, Tony, and I gave him disgusting looks, but Matt and Benji smiled.

"I'm sorry you asked Joel...so..."awkward silence.

"How about we split up? Me and Paul will go this way. Benji Tony you go that way, please no screwing each other until you're locked in the bedroom. And Asia, you and Tony can go that way." Joel nodded to our left.

"This is so stupid. Why an aquarium of all places?" Tony and I laughed as we saw a spikey fish,"It looks like Benji!"

"Oh my gosh! It kind of does. We'll have to show him this." Tony laughed as we continued walking,"Asia, you know the first time I saw you I thought you were going out with Benji or Joel...you guys are really close. Kind of like family. Look I'm sorry about what they said about us. I had a feeling thats what Benji was hinting at before. You know when he asked us our age and to stand together. I'm really sorry-"

"Don't be. It wasn't you. Benji was just being stupid. Anyways...how long are you guys staying here?" Tony and I finally stopped infront of a shark exhibit.

"Well, actually Joel asked us to move in and Benji finds out tonight. Matt's really happy. I bet he and Benji will be in the same room." he shuddered slightly at the thought as I laughed.

"Hey, you guys almost ready? We just have to find Matt and Benji....I hope they're just looking at the fish..."Joel sighed as we began walking. I smiled as I layed my arm on Joels shoulder and he pretended to bite me. I playfully smacked him and ran as he took off after me. I went to turn a corner and colided straight into Benji. Benji brought his hand back and swiftly caught me, smiling wildly as he did.

"Couldn't wait to find me, huh? Really who were you running from?" Benji asked as he let me go. Matt laughed slightly.

"The evil twin.." I replied as I looked at Joel, who only smirked at me.

"Oh...Joel. Because I'm the good twin." Joel scoffed when Benji said this causing the rest of us to laugh wildly,"What? I am the good twin. Just ask...wait...oh shut up." Benji pretended to pout.

"Oh poor Benji...he couldn't think of a comeback." I laughed more as he picked me up and tossed me over his shoulder and carried me out of the aquarium,"Benji! Put me down! Benji!"

"Not until you apologize. Then I might." Benji replied as he walked faster and began jogging laps around the parking lot. I was screaming the entire time as the guys laughed.

"Okay I'm sorry! Now put me down!" I squealed as he walked slower, but didn't stop. Benji neared the car then began doing laps around it,"you said if I apologized you'd put me down! Benji!"

"I said I MIGHT put you down. I never said I would." Benji laughed. I hate loop holes. Tony walked over and Benji handed me to him. Tony laughed as he took off running with me. Benji was doubled over laughing.

"Tony...will you please put me down?" I asked doing my best to flirt upside down. I clutched his shoulder tightly.

"Hang on...we'll go to the car. Here." Tony carefully flipped me over and set me on my feet. I held his shoulder until I steadied myself. I glared at Benji as I ran after him. Benji screamed a very high pitched yelp.

"I quit! I can't run and laugh at the same time." I yelled as I continued to laugh about Benji's girly scream. I clutched my sides as I fell to the ground laughing,"you scream like a preppy girl." I told Benji. He looked very insulted.

"I can't believe you would call me a girl. Especially a.....preppy girl! I don't know if I want to speak with you." Benji laughed after he did his best gay guy impression, which was a little scary how good he was at it,"I'm hungry...let's get McDonalds."

"Sounds good." Tony replied as he slid into the car next to me. Matt did a swan dive into the back seat, which caused me to fly into Tony,"Matt! That hurt. If you heard that crack it was my head against the window."

"You shouldn't break Joel's window with your empty head." Matt laughed as Tony flipped him off. Matt turned to me,"He's just sensitive about being....'special'." I laughed as Tony stared out the window.

"I'm sorry, Tony. That's something I would say to Paul though...." Paul glared at me as Tony smiled slightly. We got to McDonalds and ordered our food, none of us got meat. Matt, Paul, Benji, and I each ate bits of our salad as Tony and Joel ate a fruit and walnut salad,"You know what I want, Benji?"


"Icecream?" I nodded as Benji jumped up and ordered us each a McFlurry,"Here you go, although I think you two should share one. No, don't worry I got you seperate ones." I stuck my tongue out at him as he sat down. He pretended to bite my tongue, from across the table, which caused me to immedeatley stop. Tony and Matt laughed loudly.

"They do this all the time. You two are so immature......"Paul rolled his eyes. I carefully pulled back my spoon and flung icecream, which landed on the side of his cheek. The rest of us laughed loudly as I picked up my icecream and ran. Paul chased after me as I circled the car. Tony ran behind me and grabbed me so I couldn't move,"So, Tony, what should we do to her?"

"I don't know."Tony held me tightly as I squirmed around. Paul quickly began tickling me and I kicked him in the crotch. He doubled over in pain. Tony dragged me away before Paul could get to me,"That...was a bad idea. Funny, but bad."

"Shut up Tony. He's my brother. Haven't you ever done anything to Matt before?" I smiled as we piled back into Joels car.

"Maybe...." Tony smiled as he thought,"It may have been slightly worse than kicking him in the nuts though...just a little worse." Tony gimanced at the thought. He smiled and gave me an I'll-tell-you-later look. I smiled slightly and nodded.

"Asia, you will get it later. I'll be sure of it...maybe Benji could do something. Or maybe Jason-" Paul smiled, but I cut him off.

"No! Don't ever mention him again! I swear-"

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(no subject) [Jun. 13th, 2006|07:16 am]
~*~*~People with LOVE and RESPECT for TONY, and ME

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My name is Megan. I think Billy Martin is the sexiest guy alive, but I also like Quinn Alman, Tony/Matt Lovato, Benji and Joel Madden, Jussi69, and Gackt *when he was in Malice Mizer* Anyways, I pretty much deleted my quizzila account so I could put my random fanfic stories somewhere else so...I hope you don't mind that I would love to put them here....
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